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What we provide

People involved in research and development who could be engaged in creative, analytical pursuits can find themselves spending lots of time curating, organizing, and cleaning datasets. Why? Because hiring appropriate domain experts for short-term projects isn't easy. Citizen <-> Scientist solves this problem by matching up your datasets with an expert who has appropriate, degree-verified domain knowledge. Through the Citizen <-> Scientist platform, datasets get improved and experts get paid.

Example projects

Examples of problems that can be solved with our platform include:

Data Categorization

Hiring experts with advanced degrees in microbiology to read through and categorize entries in a biological dataset...

Data Analysis

Hiring experts with experience in business analytics to organize and provide an analysis of your advertising and marketing data...

Data Management

Hiring experts with advanced degrees in psychology to organize a set of studies by methodology...

And much more...

And any other task you can think of that requires a domain expert to solve!

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